Guide for Danish Driving Schools

Where and how to get your license step-by-step.

It can be really difficult finding the right driving school. First of all because there are so many to choose from and if you don’t know any better it’s difficult not to feel tempted to let the price decide.

However the cheapest is far from always the best. We know this from other areas in our lives and it’s true in this situation as well. So to avoid that you don’t end up wasting your time and paying too much, we have made this article with practical advice, so you end up with the right school for you.

Danish driving school pricing and pitfalls

A driving school can’t make an offer for much less than 11.000 dkk if they have to have all their expenses covered. With those who offer a cheaper service, you might experience being charged for extra services later in the process. This could be rent of car for the driving test, educational materials, transport to and from the manoeuvering and slippery area track ect.

So to prevent you from any unpleasant surprises we advice you to ask the driving school about the complete price with all expenses included.

Additionally expenses that you will surely be charged for, are:

Fixed prices:

  • Theory test – 600 dkk
  • Driving test – 600 dkk

Prices that vary from school to school:

  • Manoeuvering and slippery area track
  • Driving lessons
  • Theory lessons
  • First aid

Costs to consider are also:

  • Medical certificate from your doctor
  • Passport photo for the license

Driving school education in Denmark

The education contains of:

  • 29 theory lessons
  • 16 driving lessons á 45 min. (be aware that you might need more lessons than that)
  • 4 hours of driving lessons on the manoeuvre track
  • 4 hours of driving lessons on slippery area

Make sure that the education offer contains all of the above as a minimum. But also remember that you have to have additionally 8 hours of first aid. You can read more about what that course should contain here.


Practice theory quizzes online!

Most driving schools sells access to online theory quizzes. We recommend that you choose a school that does that. Often times it will be cheapest to buy access through the school, but maybe you want to choose the product for yourself. Following are the criterias we recommend you pay extra attention to:


  • Check if the theory quizzes can be launched on your favorite device. Computer, IPad or mobile phone.
  • If the product is a lot cheaper, than what you find other places, this might indicate that the product is also of a lower quality.


  • TrustPilot is a great way to see what other students before you have experienced.
  • Ask your driving school if they can recommend a good driving theory website before you buy.


  • Check if the website offers theory and quizzes in your language.
  • How many quizzes do they have on the site?
  • Are the quiz targeted the traditional and/or digital theory quiz?
  • Does the site evaluate if you are ready for the final exam?


  • Can the driving school access your results, so they can help you with what you might find difficult?
  • Does the site have a list of collaborative driving schools?
  • Do the driving school use the material in their education?

It’s important to choose a website with the right quality because you might not pass the exam if you choose the wrong website. Every time you don’t pass the exam, the price at the authorities is 600 kr, so spending a little extra kr making sure you pass the exam is a good investment!

Better safe than sorry 😢

It is always a good idea to look at other customers experiences. You can do that right here on kø Our website gets more driving school ratings than any other site in Denmark.

If you are an expat in Denmark and need to know more about the rules of when you need to get a danish driver’s license you can read about it in Laura’s blog ‘The Copenhagen tales’ right here.